We carry a variety of products at the clinic that can help you get back to what you love. Stop in today to stock up on your favorite products. Call ahead to reserve your product or we can ship them!

Anti-Aging Power Mix

(2 month supply) $34.99

Dr. Delo has created a supplement consisting of Fisetin and Polyphenols which can help combat age-related disease and cellular changes through strong anti-inflammatory and anti-free radical mechanisms. You can purchase this from our office or on our eBAY Shop!

EVO Botanicals Wellness Line

We carry a variety of EVO products using pure CBD isolated from certified organic, locally grown hemp.

Recovery Cream

Relieve Oil

Timeless Renewal Facial Lotion

Timeless Renewal Eye Serum

Headache and Stress Relief Roll-ons

Hammer Nutrition

We carry a variety of Hammer’s effective, natural USA made supplements and fuels to augment your diet and healthy lifestyle.

Tissue Rejuvenator, Super Antioxidant, Essential Mg, MitoCaps, Xobaline, Endurance C, Phytolean, Enduro D, Enduromega, and Whey Protein.

Kinesio Tex Gold

Pro-Tec High Density Foam Roller

The Stick, Sprinter Stick

Biofreeze Professional, Roll-On and Gel