Our patients say it best. Read and watch their success stories below.

Testimonial from a patient that has been treated by Dr. Delo for multiple injuries, most recently with bone marrow derived stem cells.

Testimonial from a patient referred to Dr. Delo for chronic knee pain that other physicians could not successfully treat.

Testimonial from a previous patient of Dr. Delo who sought her out to treat his most recent injury.

Testimonial from a patient who had chronic plantar fasciitis that Dr. Delo was able to successfully treat.

“I came to Dr. Delo in 2015 after hip replacement surgery that didn’t go well. We started doing joint injections and each time my pain was reduced. In 2018 I suffered broken ribs and was in terrible pain, so I talked with Dr. Delo to see if she could help me once again. She suggested freezing my ribs (nerve cryoneurolysis) and set out to see if Medicare would cover this for me. Not only did Medicare cover this, but after the first procedure I was pain free for four months. I was thrilled with these results and since having a second treatment, I have been moving around without pain.I don’t have much trust in Doctors, but I trust Dr. Delo! She has been dead-on in her evaluations and treatments, when other doctors couldn’t help me. She talks in laymen’s terms, is humble and personable. You can tell she cares and is a really good person. She’s one hell of a doctor, and for me that’s everything!”

Kellon F. (treated with joint injections and cryoneurolysis procedures)

Testimonial from a patient with osteoarthritis that had bone marrow derived stem cell procedures performed by Dr. Delo

Testimonial from an athletic patient that Dr. Delo was able to help return to sport.

I injured my knee and went to see an orthopedic surgeon who suggested surgery. I started doing research, learned about stem cell therapy and made an appointment to see Dr. Delo thinking that stem cell therapy was a better solution to surgery. Dr. Delo administered the stem cell therapy in one day and it was not at all painful. Within a few days after this treatment, my knee was feeling better and within a few months I was skiing again! One and a half years later, I am pain free with no knee problems. I’ve been skiing regularly and it’s like my knee is brand new! Dr. Delo is very intelligent, and that was important to me. Her staff was organized, and I am grateful to have found this cutting-edge treatment in Wisconsin. I just love Dr. Delo and can’t say enough about how she has helped change my life.

James M. (treated with stem cell therapy)

Testimonial from a patient who had seen many physicians for a chronic injury, and Dr. Delo was finally able to treat and get her back to activity.