Closed Tenotomy Procedures (TENEX)

Tenex Health TX is a medical technology company that produces several surgical devices FDA approved for minimally invasive debridement of damaged tissue to allow the body to heal and to alleviate pain. Because the procedures are performed through a tiny incision under guidance, it also allows for a much faster recovery and lower risk than traditional surgical intervention. 

These devices can be used to treat:

  • Chronic Tendon Disease (e.g. tennis elbow or Achilles tendonitis)
  • Fascial disease (e.g. plantar fasciitis)
  • Painful bone spurs or calcifications. 
  • Fascial releases (eg. IT band syndrome)

Using ultrasound imaging, Dr. Delo will precisely locate the damaged tissue and guide the surgical device to the lesion through a small incision (typically only 4mm long). The Tenex device uses ultrasonic energy to break down diseased or damaged tissue while leaving healthy tissue intact. Only a local anesthetic is needed to manage pain and most patients don’t feel anything during the procedure. In about 30 minutes patients can be on their way to pain relief and increased physical activity.

Unlike with open surgical procedures, patients are able to go home immediately after completion of the appointment and can be back to normal physical activity in as little as a few weeks with no need for additional treatment such as physical therapy. For the first two weeks after the procedure patients should avoid heavy or high impact exercises or activities to ensure optimal results. Additionally, the Tenex procedure reduces the risk of infection or stiffness compared to traditional surgery.

Tenex can treat a variety of disorders, including tennis elbow, rotator cuff calcific tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, patella tendonitis, and IT band syndrome. 

Dr. Delo was the first physician in Wisconsin to perform the Tenex procedure, and she has taught other physicians this technique at national conferences. Her thorough knowledge allows her to provide expert care to patients.