Regenerative Medicine

Stem Cell

Regenerative medicine, or orthobiologics, is the utilization of your own cells and proteins to trigger the body’s healing response. Many medical treatments address pain, but not healing. Regenerative medicine has the potential to reduce pain as well as improve tissue quality and function. Also, there is minimal risk or side effects. In sports medicine, this field is also referred to as orthobiologics. We are using biology to treat orthopedic conditions.

We perform all our regenerative medicine treatments in a procedure room within our clinic. No hospital or surgical center exposure.

Bone marrow derived stem cell therapy: Stem cells and healing proteins can be concentrated from an aspiration of your bone marrow harvested from the hip bone. The healing cells and proteins are then concentrated on-site using an FDA approved kit and centrifuge unit. Once prepared, the concentrate is injected into the area of injury or pain under ultrasound guidance to begin the healing process!

Fat derived stem cell therapy: Fatty tissue contains a very high number of stem cells; these cells can be prepared following an in-office liposuction procedure using an FDA approved device. Once the fatty tissue is prepared, it is injected into the area of injury or pain under image guidance to start the healing process!

WBAY Interview with Dr. Delo about Stem Cell Therapy in Orthopedics

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP): PRP is a concentration of platelets from your blood. Platelets contain growth factors and stem cell recruiting factors which can initiate a healing response in damaged tissue. Blood is drawn and concentrated in the office using an FDA approved kit and centrifuge unit. Dr. Delo will determine the best concentration to use based on the injury being treated. The PRP is then injected into the area of injury or pain under ultrasound guidance to initiate the healing process.

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Prolotherapy: Prolotherapy is a procedure where substances are injected into joints and the surrounding ligaments to stabilize the joints. The most commonly used agent is dextrose, which is believed to work as a growth factor in connective tissue. Dr. Delo is trained in the Hackett Hemwall technique of performing prolotherapy, and has performed many successful treatments.

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FSAs and HSAs can be used for regenerative medicine procedures!