Stem Cell Treatment in Wisconsin

Stem cell therapy is a leading-edge, minimally invasive medical procedure used to help regenerate tissues for non-surgical tears, arthritis, and articular cartilage injuries.  Stem cells initiate the body’s healing cascade and have the ability to restore lost, damaged or aging cells and regenerate tissue. Stem cells can be harvested from either bone marrow or fatty tissue.

If a patient is a candidate for stem cell therapy, Dr Delo will aspirate their bone marrow or perform a local liposuction procedure to harvest the cells. Once harvested, we prepare the stem cells using an FDA approved device and then inject them into the injured or damaged tissue to trigger and optimize healing. Ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance ensures that the stem cell injection goes directly to the injury site, including directly into injured bone if the patient’s case requires it. We incorporate rehabilitation and bracing into the treatment plan to optimize the healing response.

The most common condition treated with stem cell is osteoarthritis, but meniscal and ligament tears, as well as cartilage injuries can also successfully respond to stem cell therapy. 

Brief description of bone marrow derived stem cell treatment