Shockwave Therapy (Focused and Radial)

Shockwave therapies are being proven to treat a broad variety of orthopedic and medical conditions.  The treatment is safe, simple, and non-invasive; it aims to heal and repair injured or dysfunctional tissue.  Using handheld specially designed transmitters, mechanical healing energy can be delivered directly to the body.  This leads to increased blood circulation and enhanced metabolic activity in the treated tissue, resulting in a healing response.  On a microscopic level, there is nitric oxide release, release of growth hormones, as well as stimulation of stem cells and neurons. 

Orthopedics and Medical Conditions that can be treated include: 

Rotator Cuff Tendonitis  Tennis Elbow  Biceps Tendonitis 
Hip Tendonitis  Hamstring Tendon Injury  Adductor Tendonitis 
Jumper’s Knee  Achilles Tendonitis  Plantar Fasciitis 
Osgood-Schlatter Syndrome  Shin Splints  Bone Bruises 
Myofascial Pain/Trigger Points  Muscle Injury  Skin wrinkles or sagging 
Cellulite  Scar Tissue  Erectile Dysfunction 

Each condition utilizes a different setting, transmitter, and treatment protocol to achieve healing and pain relief.  Our staff is training on a broad spectrum of treatments from augmenting regenerative medicine to stand alone treatments for orthopedic injuries, cosmetic benefits, and medical treatments. 

There are only a few contraindications; these include use of blood thinners, recent cancer diagnosis, or pregnancy.

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