Fisetin Supplement

A supplement to watch: Fisetin

Every time I attend a regenerative medicine conference, at least one researcher presents on the anti-aging benefits of Fisetin. And all these researchers comment that they take the supplement themselves! Given some of the benefits that I have outlined below, many physicians have begun recommending Fisetin leading up to a regenerative medicine treatment. Therefore, I have designed a supplement containing the current daily recommended amount of Fisetin along with two other potent anti-inflammatories extracted from Green Tea and Japanese knotweed. We have it for sale in the office; call or stop in to purchase yours!

What is fisetin? It is a flavonoid, or plant pigment that is present in our diet. Fisetin is found in the highest concentration in strawberries, but is also present in apples, grapes, onions, and cucumbers. Laboratory studies have shown that this supplement has amazing potential in fighting inflammation and chronic disease.
1. High anti-oxidant capacity: Flavonoids clear oxygen free radicals which can cause cell damage. Free radical stress has been implicated in diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, cancers, and aging.
2. Neuroprotective: Fisetin has been shown to support multiple pathways involved in the maintenance of nerve function during aging. It also leads to an increase in serotonin, which improves symptoms of depression.
3. Anti-cancer: In lab studies, Fisetin has anti-proliferative properties against several cancers. It also induced cell death in several cancer lines. The most studied cancers were lung and colon.
4. Anti-aging: With aging, the body accumulates senescent cells, which are damaged cells that contribute to chronic inflammation, prevent tissue repair, and facilitate age-related disease. Fisetin has been shown to remove senescent cells in animal studies, and lead to improved health and lifespan.
The problem is that there is a lack of long-term human data to support the above findings. Mayo Clinic is currently performing 2 studies of Fisetin measuring its effect on markers of aging and inflammation in the elderly, and the Steadman Institute is performing a clinical trial to test the safety and efficacy of Fisetin in osteoarthritis.
Keep your eyes out for the results!